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Component 1b: Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

Explanation and Reflection 1b

In order to demonstrate a true knowledge of our students we must know about the whole child.  It is important for a teacher to have knowledge in the development and learning processes that are typical of children.  Also, we must strive to understand our particular students.  We must know thier strengths, weaknesses, interests, cultures, and special needs.  The only way that we can teach to each individual student is to truly know all about them.

It is also important for a teacher to have a firm grasp on psychological development and learning theories.  These empirically researched methods have been proven effective and are excellent resources to reach our students.  We must know what stage our students are at and the teaching strategies that will work best for them.

During my coursework I have learned a great amount about the psychological theories underlying education and the importance of knowing the makeup of my students.  In KSP 605, we spent the entire semester learning about the psychology of learning and development.  Also, in that class I developed a lesson plan based on Behavioral Psychology based methods of teaching.  This taught me that if my current teaching strategy isn't working, I can regear my lesson plans to be more suitable to the students learning styles.  Throughout my KSP 604 coursework, I have learned all about students with special needs.  This has taught me to identify students that are in need of services and adapt my classroom management and lesson plans to fit their needs.  Finally, through my work as a paraprofessional at Mankato East High School, I have needed to know the students that I work with to such a degree that I can adapt their assignments and tests to be appropriate.

Artifacts 1b

I have included my final reflection paper from my Clinical at LSH because it shows that I took the time to get to know this student and the classroom environment surrounding him.  It also shows my skills in analyzing the learning experience of students and thinking of ways to improve it.  I also included my differentiated lesson plan because it included me tailoring a lesson plan to the skill sets of a particular classroom and proves my skills in understanding the levels of my students.

Clinical Reflection Paper

5/4/2010 4:42:29 PM
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Reflection on a student and their environment in my clinical at LSH high school.

Differentiated Lesson Plan

5/4/2010 4:46:51 PM
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Lesson plan done for KSP 604 that focuses on differentiation and adaptation to a particular student population.

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